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singer Cheyenne Tozzi and Australian guitarist Josh Mullane.Their first recordings were garnished out of a barn in the South of Sydney that has accumulated a huge response.Myer is exiting Wollongong when its lease runs out on October 2 and David Jones will turn the space into a world class department store.Myer chief executive and managing director Richard Umbers announced the company’s decision to close its Wollongong and Orange stores on Friday saying it was to improve productivity across the entire business and return it to profitable growth.w: David Jones-Roberts 2012 Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 3D Star Wars fans of all ages and from all parts of the galaxy - especially Sydney, Australia. the Star Wars franchise is coming to the mean streets of Sydney for a red carpet movie premiere this Sunday.Find your cape, sword, laser gun and camera and be there fellow Storm Troopers. STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D 20th Century Fox is taking the Star Wars phenomenon to a whole new level and generation when a who’s who of talent from Australian television, radio, sport and entertainment and their families take to the red carpet for the Australian Premiere of STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 THE PHANTOM MENACE for the first time in 3D.

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This first chapter, which is rich in art, design, costumes, architecture and technology, follows Anakin’s journey as he pursues his dreams and confronts his fears in the midst of a galaxy in turmoil.{{Information |Description= Australian actor en: David Jones-Roberts at The Good Friday Appeal 2009 Kids Day Out.