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The base of the hill is circular and 167 metres (548 ft) in diameter.The summit is flat-topped and 30 metres (98 ft) in diameter.

Maya-maya pa, inakyat na nito ang gate ng target na bahay.Curious as to how we determine the dates on many of our pieces?We are fortunate enough to have obtained a handful of old catalogs and internal documents pertaining to the hallmarksused by the Georg Jensen Silversmithy.consisted of a gravel core with a revetting kerb of stakes and sarsen boulders.

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Alternate layers of chalk rubble and earth were placed on top of this: the second phase involved heaping further chalk on top of the core, using material excavated from a series of surrounding ditches which were progressively refilled then recut several metres further out. The site was first illustrated by the seventeenth-century antiquarian John Aubrey, whose notes, in the form of his Monumenta Britannica, were published by Dorset Publishing Co. Later, William Stukeley wrote that a skeleton and bridle had been discovered during tree planting on the summit in 1723.

Writing and filming of Wendell & Vinnie began in late 2011/early 2012 at Warner Brothers Studios, Vinnie is the owner of a pop culture memorabilia store and lives in Los Angeles without a care in the world.

King brought up the responsibility men have to further women’s causes as well.… continue reading »

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