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29-Sep-2017 08:56

What makes you start to think about changing cars, or partners?

Dating/relationship expert Lucia explains, with tongue in cheek, why losing trust in your car is similar to losing trust in your partner.

It’s hard to stay idealistic about love when you see what’s out there. But it’s like going into a huge department store and finding nothing you want to buy. They’ve never gone on an actual date with anyone they met online. And you’re wasting your time considering them candidates for your heart. You’re the one who’s supposed to display her wares and hope he picks you. All the stuff you’re supposed to do to "bag a guy"… You don’t need to be told you’re not pretty enough, not wearing the right clothes, not making the right kind of small talk, or not sending off the right signals. About Because who you are inside is the root of everything that’s happening to you with men. Sometimes, our own feelings can betray us by convincing us that a man is "The One" when he's really just a heart-breaker.

Our ancestors didn’t need dating experts to tell them how to do it. One that distilled a decade of observing, thinking, and writing about dating and relationships. If you're tired, fed up, or just plain frustrated with the dating game, then this simple technique will get you back on track and loving it!What should you do if your partner wants to check your phone, is jealous and thinks your clothing is too revealing?