Dating a non triathlete

15-Sep-2017 11:06

Non is clearly a woman with a mature head on her shoulders who says she feels like she is just scratching the surface of her sport and her dreams.

In the second installment of Ask a Random Triathlete, we’re answering that perpetual and ever-frustrating question of how to workout with and accommodate a triathlete significant other, as opposed to the even more vexing non-triathlete significant other.

Speaking to Telegraph Wonder Women, the laid-back, Welsh-born sports star could not, understandably, keep the smile off her face as she described her disbelief at winning. Her achievement is even more remarkable given that she broke her arm just two months earlier in a race in Hamburg, but continued to train and compete in the World Series.

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We set up the site for exactly that reason and added a comprehensive search facility, to make it easier for you to find other triathletes. to find other triathlon enthusiasts looking for a relationship.

We appreciate that one of the problems of dating a triathlete is the time commitment - three events take up a lot of time in training leaving litlle time for dating and developing any sort of relationship.

Finding other triathletes with the same passion as you is the solution. Because many relationships between a triathlete and non-triathlete fall down on this point alone.

Since I’m single – this seemed like an appropriate thing to post.

I stumbled on it a few weeks back posted elsewhere; but it’s funny enough to warrant a repost.Alongside them she trains for up 35 hours a week near Leeds to prepare herself for the gruelling 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run which makes up the triathlon.

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