Consolidating email accounts iphone updating old cupboards

13-Jan-2018 03:51

So you can see all of your sent messages, for example, in one place, without having to go through all of your accounts to find them. To use this feature, open the Mail app, and then navigate out to your main Mailboxes screen by touching the back button at the upper-left; when you see "All Inboxes," you're in the right place. In Edit mode, you'll see all sorts of new mailboxes you can use—one that shows only your unread messages, for example, or one that displays just emails with attachments.What we're gonna turn on, though, are the unified mailboxes I mentioned, which are labeled , and afterward, you'll be able to see them in your mailboxes list.Juggling several email inboxes can be a hassle, but luckily with all the main email providers – Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail) and Yahoo – you can combine email accounts into one inbox, and send and receive email all from one place on the web.

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We i OS Mail users have had a unified inbox for a good long time now, right? Because I want to be able to access certain emails and I only use two emails more than others.I also want to be able to get full usage out of my Iphone 5c.Managing multiple email accounts can sometimes be as hassle, especially if your email accounts are set up through different email services.

With Gmail, you can combine all your email accounts regardless of what service you used to set them up, provided the email service supports POP access.This allows for incredibly simple management of different mail accounts, and you can easily separate work from play, and the spam from the important stuff, by doing nothing more than only using the app that is appropriate for the use. Disable alerts for that specified app without impacting the important mail in the others.

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